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Enter the Personal Activity Intelligence, or PAI (pronounced PIE).Mio is pulling from the Hunt study and combining the work done there with their own algorithm to associate a given cardiac output (heart rate) over time with a score they call PAI. Rather than a daily PAI goal, they monitor a rolling 7-day value.

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DISCOVER PAI Every Mio Performance Wearable contains our patented, award-winning Optical Heart Rate Technology.A balanced activity profile will include strength training, cardio, and some amount of stretching/yoga, and an activity tracker counting steps is only likely to capture part of that story.For example, if you are into paddle sports and spent 90 minutes in a kayak, the resulting step count is likely to be lower than you would expect for your activity output.The Revolutionary New PAI App Exclusive to Mio Wearables PAI is a revolutionary new activity metric that uses your heart rate to help you achieve optimal health.Keeping a minimum PAI score of 100 is scientifically proven to lengthen your lifespan by up to 10 years.

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