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” she says, as they start another take.“Sorry, my love,” Dunham calls back, pausing to tidy herself up.

You see it not just in the way the friendship between the main female characters on the show breaks apart, but also the way that Hannah and Adam realize they can’t be together.: We needed to give them one more shot, and it made so much sense to us that Adam would feel like he had to try to go back and make this work, to offer his help raising the baby. That scene reminded me of something that actually happened to me, right down to the fact that it happened in a diner.: You know, it’s funny: We get that a lot.I also think that, in general, what works for you in your 20s may not work for you in your 30s. We were trying to say, with the penultimate episode, it’s okay to let go of those friendships.And the reason we made that episode and then jumped past it was that we wanted to be able to give that due and honor those friendships and show where those people were going.soundstage, and in the dark beyond the blazing lights the crew grows quiet. ” And in the silence that follows, Dunham transforms from one of the most powerful women in TV into the confused, questing neophyte she brings to life on-screen.It’s late summer, in the urban tangle of Queens, and Lena Dunham—showing no hint of exhaustion after months of writing, directing, and acting—is shooting the show’s season-three finale. This morning, they are shooting a bedroom tête-à-tête.

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