Marina franklin dating white guys

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She can control what kind of guys she dates, though.

And as she joked, going from dating white guys back to black guys is quite a transition.

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Robby is considered the nice guy and comes off very genuine. His home is spectacular, and he shares a gardener with Vin Diesel. He worked as a studio musician, earning a gold record for playing bass on a Santana album while still in high school. Robby goes to Schmidt's re-branding event with Cece, which is where Schmidt learns that the two are dating.

He goes to the haunted house with the group, where Jess is working, as a ninja turtle.Schmidt's jealousy boils to the surface, in which Robby confronts him and blocks his constant head-butt attempts.They end up becoming friends as they bond over turkey legs.In Menzies, Cece takes issue with being called a 'nice girl' by Robby. She has just found out about her limited time for having children and casually asks him for his thoughts on babies. Cece later admits to him that she wants to start having kids right away, but breaks up with him after noticing he does not handle the news very well.He starts stalking Cece in 'A Father's Love', which happens to be the same thing Schmidt is doing.

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