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I'll experiment with both and see which I prefer.Which method exist in C# to validate an XML against XSD Schema using C# ? I'll try to find those projects and ping for the people.Just yesterday, LINQ to XSD surfaced (I actually had a video call with them on Weds) with a new release. NET classes with much better fidelity than what's created with (the aging) Validate(this XElement source, Xml Schema Object partial Validation Type, Xml Schema Set schemas, Validation Event Handler validation Event Handler, bool add Schema Info) void Extensions. Save("employees.xml"); Xml Schema Inference infer = new Xml Schema Inference(); Xml Schema Set schema Set = infer. Write Line(x Document "\n"); Xml Schema Set schema Set = new Xml Schema Set(); schema Set.

objects to provide some user-specified data for several objects in my library.For example, in the XSD for OFX there's some types like "Amount" that have Restriction Facets.The type is a string, but it must match a certain regular expression, like: Note that this is generated, so don't judge it on aesthetics, it's about the experience as a consumer of the API.Even though we hear about technologies like LINQ to SQL and LINQ to Entities or ASP. For example, LINQ to XSD was mentioned in June of 2007, looked rockin' sweet, and then went silent.NET MVC and WCF and get confused about if they are complementary, there (usually) a plan behind the whole stack, even if that plan isn't very well-communicated. However, small teams like this continue to move the ball forward, but we (the outside world) don't hear from them.

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