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This is a solid no for Lana despite everyone telling her to just go with it. Rusev comes in and makes a joke about going down to the river; it’s not quite apparent that it’s a joke.

Ugh, Bella Twins talking about whether or not Nikki will go back to wrestling or DWTS. Back to Bulgaria, Lana is pissed that Rusev has under-explained the proceedings. Moving on to Eva’s family, she’s going to make her dad a vegetarian superfood shake. The brother describes the shake as something that smells like “lawn.” Generally, when someone has a health situation, it’s best to let them make their own decisions about food based on advice they’ve gotten from their doctor. While walking the dogs she and Jonathon (who is wearing a shirt with Eva on it) have a heart-to-heart about Eva being a little too pushy with the health nut stuff. Nikki has gotten DWTS, and she also wants to go back to wrestling – er – sports entertaining.

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In Bulgaria it’s apparently all about the traditions and following the rules. Ugh, it’s a Bella twins photo shoot from last summer. I’m somewhat amazed this didn’t involve a screaming match.

This is so old that they don’t bother to mention what magazine it’s for. Nikki gets an email from “Dancing With The Stars.” Ooh, ooh, “Two platforms to talk about my broken neck” – because that’s been so damned interesting… Next up: The other preview clip from You Tube where Lana gets Baptized at the Greek Orthodox Church, and apparently Rusev under-explained the procedure or how ridiculous it was. I recall being baptized at the age of nine; the Methodist church is apparently less invested in wasting the expensive holy water…

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