Ekta kapoor dating

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Star and Balaji had enjoyed an exclusivity clause under which Balaji-produced shows could not run on other networks at a time of day when Star was running a Balaji series.In return for this, and the services of Ekta Kapoor, widely known as the queen of Indian soaps, Star paid license fees believed to be significantly higher than market rates.In 2016, Ekta’s brother Tusshar Kapoor welcomed his baby boy Laksshya through surrogacy.Since then the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein producer is in complete awe of the little bundle of joy.Shraddha will be seen romancing Arjun Kapoor for the first time.

It is a matter of five-six months and I am okay with it." Meanwhile, producer Viki Rajani tells us the clause is only for Niddhi while Tiger has been spared.It’s certainly not the fact that she is a star kid in the industry, she clarifies.“This industry has no formula other than economics. The day they will stop selling, no one will be ready to sign them. Too much finance goes in and there are very high risks here.Nobody is nobody’s friend; nobody wants to help anyone out here. If someone signs a star kid, it’s not because they want to help them or any kind of nepotism. They may hang out with their friends but if the actor doesn’t sell, they won’t sign them.At the end of the day, you think about your own money.

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