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It was argued, based on philological considerations, that the name as given in the Assyrian text could be matched to a Phoenician Ba‘al-‘azor and the Greek Baal-Eser/Balazeros, a name corresponding to two kings in Menander’s list.

There followed several studies that attempted to relate this Baa‘li-maanzer to the list of kings given in Menander/Josephus.

So just when was the play written, and who was it written for? Is this a joint authorship, or is Nashe's contribution simply the tantalising elegy allegedly written by him shortly after Marlowe's death and reported as inserted in some copies of the printed play?

If such an elegy did exist, how frustrating that it is now lost, even if there are some small clues to some of its content.

Her song "This Little Light of Mine" was featured in a 2016 advertising campaign for 3 Musketeers.

We have no record of any such performance by the royal children's company, who do not seem to have acted at court or in the private theatres between 1584 and the end of the century.

In Dante's The Divine Comedy, Purgatorio, Canto XX, verses 103-105, Dante uses Virgil's version of Pygmalion to represent greed. Liver advanced a second reason to favor the 825 date, related to the inscription of Shalmaneser III, king of Assyria, mentioned above, where it was mentioned that philological studies have equated this Ba’li-manzer with Balazeros (Baal-Eser II), grandfather of Pygmalion.

A possible reference to Pygmalion is an interpretation of the Nora Stone, found on Sardinia in 1773 and, though its precise finding place has been forgotten, dated by paleographic methods to the 9th century BC. The best texts of Menander/Josephus give six years for Balazeros, followed by nine years for his son and successor Mattenos (Mattan I), making 22 years between the start of Balazeros’s reign and the seventh year of Pygmalion.

Her debut EP Young Blood was released on April 22, 2014, with the lead single "Young Blood". In 2015, Miller was named Radio Disney's newest Next Big Thing artist.

She appeared on Disney Channel many times with it and promoted her album with it as well.

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