Constantly updating

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If you don’t, you definitely should consider getting one (they’re relatively cheap, don’t worry).Also, they can refer your site to social networks to let other people know what they’re reading or what they like which increases in huge visibility boosts. When content is always updated that means your website is always changing and when the spiders come back to crawl your site to see if anything’s changed, they report their findings back to Google with the impression of “Yes, this website is important because it’s constantly updated with fresh and quality content.” Why is this good news for you?

This will ensure that you have repeat visitors and subscribers if you have an opt in option for your visitors who enjoy your content.

Simply write a function that ingests your file and fills out the dictionary, then update the dictionary with your math, then write a function that writes your dictionary to the file in your format you desire. I'm not certain I understand the issues you are having. Don't use seek, just use readlines() and parse.

Do all your reading and parsing, then write the complete file.

This resolution doesn't seem to be working, it keeps on updating the same irritating update and once it completes comes saying that online login is currently unavailable.

I have tried unchecking the proxy settings and restarted, but no use. Hi @progressnow, @rrahulnair, @muzz1992, @chemsol1, This problem can be solved by clearing your Origin cache, and afterwards right-clicking Origin to start it as Admin.

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