Charlie day dating waitress

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Charlie Day was born on February 9, 1976, in New York City, the son of two music teachers.

Early on, he and his family moved to Middletown, Rhode Island, where he grew up.

, who’s just as amoral as his awful friends, but somehow much more loveable.

As dumb as Charlie is, he’s also something of an idiot savant, and every once in a while he achieves a stroke of genius.

Day went to the Pennfield School and Portsmouth Abbey School before enrolling at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts, where he played baseball and began exploring the drama world.

After graduating from Merrimack, Day began to really embrace acting at the Williamstown Theater Festival and around Boston, and made his on-screen debut in 2000 with a bit part (as "mailroom kid") in a TV movie called , a show that Day and two of his co-stars developed about a group of friends who run a Philadelphia bar.

Like De Vito's character on became loved for their gruffness and unwillingness to enter the mainstream.

Keeping busy behind the camera as well as in front of it, Day continues to serve as one of the show's producers and writers, and he even writes music for occasional episodes.

But, before you go too gooey eyed, did you know that they first acted together in Reno 911! Charlie and the Waitress aren't the only unlikely pairing from the show. You may or may not have noticed Mac piling on the pounds during IASIP... In the episode 'How Mac Got Fat', he explains that when the Gang were replacing themselves with avatars to save themselves work in the bar and Mac’s avatar was a bodybuilder, Dee told him they didn't look alike because of their frames.” Explaining his plans to use fashion design to seduce women: “All right, look, I’m just going to walk you through it, so pay attention.Okay, look, the pretty lady gets naked, of course, and I help her into the prototype, yes?The main characters, forming a demented but hilarious "gang", have complicated relationships with themselves, each other and the rest of the world.Luckily for us it's not all that different off screen.

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