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Hilary duff is a teen Idol and she started dating Madden when she was 16.They both dated for 2 years and broke up in November 2006.Jennifer Lawrence may have had her best performance in her nude pics that circulated…maybe not according to the Academy Awards people, who buy into her shitty acting performances and pretend she’s a natural talent, when clearly, acting in movies is a fucking joke / scam / bullshit…But those tits, they were good, making it almost tragic her career was in mainstream and not in awkward white girl porn…

The two met while taping a TGIF live special in 1998.The couple is still in relation and they have two children.Edit Joel Madden along with his wife Nichole Richie created The Richie-Madden Children's Foundation in the year 2007.), has penned a collection of goofy young-adult anecdotes chronicling her journey from suburban So Cal to the height of '90s young Hollywood, largely punctuated by public pratfalls, shopping sprees gone wild and gay boyfriends, not to mention — *spoiler alert* — farting husbands.Here are five of the best (and sometimes painful) moments from her new memoir, out this week. Fishel speed-talked her way through her first audition for the part of Topanga and was subsequently cast in a lesser role.

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