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At ESPN.com, Jim Caple has much more on Otani: “Nobody else is doing this right now,” Otani said after starting for Samurai Japan against a team of MLB All-Stars in November — and fanning seven of those major leaguers in a 3-1 loss. He told Japanese teams not to draft him because he intended to go straight to MLB.

But the Dodgers saw Otani’s MLB future as a pitcher, while Nippon Ham — the only Japanese club that didn’t cede to Otani’s wish not to be drafted — offered him the chance to pitch and hit….

If you’re looking for an instant upgrade to sound from your computer, ‘the WS100s are capable of greater scale and dynamics than many rivals at this price’.

If you like to use it for any other purpose, please contact us.

If you publish a paper using our food dataset, we'd glad if you could refer to the following paper: (Updated 08/10/2014) We achieved 72.26% in the top-1 accuracy and 92.00% in the top-5 accuracy by using DCNN (Deep Convolutional Neural Network) features trained by the ILSVRC2010 dataset.

Its properties are ideal for loudspeaker cones being extremely rigid, yet lig... Sound and Vision Magazine loves everything about the WS100 wireless desktop speaker system.

The gold dome tweeter is formed from a ceramic-coated aluminium/magnesium alloy, gold anodised to a specific thickness for ideal stiffness and damping characteristics. SKAA delivers very high quality audio by employing a digital communications protocol with powerful error correction to faithfully transport audio from source to destination. Not only is the sound ‘seriously good’, the build is ‘reassuringly weighty and sturdy’ and the SKAA connection ‘reliable and robust’.

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